It’s been almost 5 years since Supercell acquired a majority stake in Space Ape Games.
But despite being a studio able to create engaging games, hasn’t succeeded yet in releasing a title up to the high standards of the market.

Space Ape found its stride by focusing on Build & Battle games, which still bring 80% of the revenue. Based on soft-launches Space Ape hasn’t had a focus entering vastly different genres. The studio has a proven ability to develop almost any kind of game. Till date, the developer has been less successful in scaling games outside Build & Battle though.

Since the acquisition in 2017, none of its titles have been able to reach the global launch stage:

  • Go Race: Super Karts (2018), a kart racing game inspired by Mario Kart. Killed during soft launch.
  • Rumble League (2019), a MOBA heavily inspired by Brawl Stars. Killed during soft launch.
  • Treasure Tails (2020), a mix between Coin Master and pachinko. Killed during soft launch.

But with the global launch of Beatstar, things might be different this time. Want to know why?
Check an analysis by Michail Katkoff and me at the Deconstructor of Fun blog:

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