Autochess: STATUS and Design ANALYSIS

Autochess was the hottest gaming trend in 2019, but not anymore.
We explore its history, market status and audience, and the design flaws that stopped it from becoming the new MOBA.


Currencies are the pillar of every F2P in-game economy…

But what types of currencies are out there, and which ones does your game need? Let’s find out!


Set the currencies for your game, their unitary prices and how to avoid their future devaluation…

If you’re struggling with any of these topics, I’m coming to your rescue!

How should we run offers?

Should you run discounts on your IAPs? How?

We answer that and share some tips on how to detect and avoid avoid negative effects from offers.


Once a game reaches maturity, how can it keep generating revenue and maintain player interest?

We talk about that while analyzing PCBS ongoing challenges.

Set Rotations (Pt.2) Clash Royale Idea

A static endgame and an inability to surprise players with new gameplay are factors seriously harming the performance of Clash Royale.

Here we attempt to solve these issues by adapting the Set Rotation system from MTG.

Set Rotations (Pt.1) Magic: The Gathering

We explain a content management structure that could boost both engagement and revenue on your title.

Which Magic: The Gathering has used to monetize its audience in a sustainable way, for ~20 years.

Garden Royale (Part 1): Game Design

This was the first time that my team was participating on the LD, and our project GARDEN ROYALE got really positive reviews (thank all of you for that!), so I decided to write a couple of articles to highlight some of the learnings we got. You can play it here: We are aware that the game is lacking on several elements (bulky shooting mechanics, lack of sound…), but some of […]

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