Here are some of my indie games, some of which you can play for free!


THE SONG OUT OF SPACE (Graphic Adventure)

Available NOW on PC Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch
In 1962, an astronomer at a deep-space observatory went mad and murdered twelve of its coworkers. Two federal agents were sent to learn if the Russians were involved.
But they found something unexpected…


Release Date TBA
Fantasy Mayor it’s a visual novel that mixes dating sim and RPG mechanics, and a rich narrative filled with comedy and fantasy. You play as a newly appointed mayor of a town filled with fantasy characters to meet and even get romantically involved while stopping a great secret menace that threatens the world…

To do this, our mayor will have to perform quests such as exorcise a haunted house (and befriend either a sexy monster hunter… or a sexy ghost), avoid a war between elves and humans, and raise up in the Merchant’s Guild…
Being a Fantasy Mayor ain’t easy!

WHEN IT GETS DARK (Graphic Adventure)

Release Date TBA
Your holidays take a sinister turn when your neighbors tell you about some bizarre cattle mutilations in the village you’re staying.
Soon, you learn that was just the tip of the iceberg: strange lights roam the sky, frightening noises keep the villagers awake at night, and people have gone missing.

Will you reveal what is really going on in this town when it gets dark?
You may regret it…

Service Station (Graphic Adventure)

Release Date TBA
The Nevada desert holds many secrets, and you’re about to discover the evilest one. While going through Route 66, you suddenly realize that your phone battery is gone and you’re running low on gas. Worst of all, “something” seems to be stalking you.

An ancient shadow is rising and it has chosen you as its latest prey.
The key to your survival is hidden in the history of a strange gas station…


Available NOW and FREE on (non-commercial)
PSOE Simulator it’s a satirical game that parodies the strange and often ridiculous political scene in Spain: You play as the president of the country, and must do whatever it’s needed to hold to power!
You will juggle with the proposals of the many parties on the Spanish political scene, leading to crazier situations as the game progresses. Each gameplay is different and randomly generated, and players can compete aiming for the longest rule…

From fighting against Venezuelan terrorists to boxing against your rivals, everything it’s allowed to rule one more day!



Your 2 tons murder machine has so many systems to manage at once that you will feel out of control. Are you ready for the challenge?
Pull levers to raise your arms, press buttons to throw your punches, enable and disable your legs, and don’t forget triggering your jetpack to dodge!

But be warned! You can’t have all systems enabled at once: Your energy supply has two charges that you can freely drive to enable two other systems.
(Made in 48h for the Game Maker Tool Kit 2020 game jam)


Steal water from your neighbors. Let their gardens dry up and die. They defend themselves? Use your guns. They’ll try to do the same… Enough of walking through bucolic villages gathering flowers. This is the era of Animal Crossfit.
(Made in 72h for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam)