Aug 2021 Update #2: Game Design Masterclass

Yes, I am still working on the third part of my breakdown of Legends of Runeterra and the CCG genre overall. But this doesn’t mean that I’m idle on other fronts.

For example a few weeks ago I published a mini-article on the MOBA mobile market distribution at the Master the Meta newsletter (Check it out! It presents some saucy data from Sensor Tower which I’m not allowed to use on this blog!)

And I also wanted to let you know about something cool that I’m cooking at the moment:

Upcoming Game Design MasterClass

On September 16th 2021, I will be hosting a MasterClass on game design.
There’s an early bird discount that runs off on the 26th of August (this Thursday), so if this is something that you fancy be quick and get it at a cheaper price.

I already ran another masterclass on game design last year, which was actually a full house and got pretty cool feedback, which is the reason why they’re bringing me again *-*

Many of the best contents of last year masterclass will be back, including:

  • How to reach out to your players, interview them and use their information to take design decisions that better adapt the game to them and effectively generate an impact on measurable KPIs.
  • How to establish solid game design pillars, a controller idea and other techniques to keep your design focused and make sure that you pivot only on the stuff that is really key to succeed, instead of drifting away.
  • How to break down the game experience into different phases of the player lifetime and make sure that your design is effective in both hooking newcomers and keeping long term players engaged.

All with a strong focus on stuff that you can apply at your job the next day.

But there will be a lot of new content!

The inner workings of the mobile games market has changed significatively over the last year. Or perhaps it would be more accurate that the last year solidified trends that already were being anticipated.

The core of business it’s still the same: Reaching a high enough user lifetime value (LTV) so that part of that revenue can be re-invested into ads to get more installs.

But while before it was easy to optimize all of the KPIs by targetting the right audience through ads and evaluating their in-game performance, the deprecation of IDFA has made it way more difficult.

A summary of the free-to-play model: A fraction of the players’ LTV is used to buy more players.

This means that to achieve a good return of investment over their advertising spending, games not only need to be able to monetize to their audience once they’re in. They also have to be able to attract the right audience for it.
In other words, nowadays success it’s not only determined by the fun of the game, but also by factors of marketing and distribution.

Marketeability of a game is also a factor that can be tackled through game design, and it will be one of the new topics covered in the MasterClass:

  • How can you use ads to identify design elements that are attractive to your audience, and effectively integrate them ingame?
A popular trend in puzzle games advertising were stressful minigames, which in some cases were more-or-less integrated in-game.
But Match Royale turned it into one of it’s core bonus mechanics.
  • How can you use an IP to improve your game marketeability, either as core theme of the game or as a collaboration, in a way that satisfies both the licensor and the players?

So yeah, if this is something that you fancy, check out the MasterClass event and get your tickets before the early bird offer runs out ; )

And don’t forget to check out the awesome classes by other game pros!

What’s Next?

On top of my upcoming articles, soon I will announce a regular collaboration with one of the top, most renown professionals of the mobile games industry (and you could safely describe me as one of his biggest fanboy).

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