Everdale: Analysis /w Deconstructor Of Fun

It’s been some months since Supercell announced a bunch of upcoming games set in the Clash universe, which I already reviewed based on the materials available at the time.
But this was not the only dish they were cooking!

Last week they announced Everdale, a crafting tycoon reminiscent of Hay Day, which is currently available on a selected list of countries. Although the game had been soft-launched for almost a year under a fake company name.

So far it has generated all sorts of (mostly positive) reactions. But beyond the great first impressions, can it become Supercell’s next billion dollar hit?

To try to answer this, the savage Michail Katkoff from the legendary blog Deconstructor of Fun teamed up with me. You can read our analysis, conclusions and suggestions at the DoF blog:

I hope you enjoy it!

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